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ShowbizPlus Applications & Features


For Social Network & Engagement.

ShowbizPlus relies on social network features to foster and sustain social connections among its members. These features are vital for human well-being, offering social support, belongingness, happiness, and resilience. 

Unleash the power of engagement features to amplify user satisfaction and interaction on your phpFox community. From likes and reactions to sharing capabilities, our toolset is designed to maximize both reach and retention.


Pro files & Connects 

Profile & Connects are features that allow users to connect and interact with other users on ShowbizPlus.

Connects feature enables users to send and accept connect requests, view their connects’ profiles and activity feeds and chat with their connects.


Activity Feed

Activity feed is a feature that enables users to keep track of the most recent activities and interactions of their connects, or topics of interest on ShowbizPlus. It displays various types of content, such as posts, comments, likes, shares, reactions, mentions, and more.

Activity feed fosters user engagement and connection with the content and people they value 



Invitation feature is a feature that allows users to invite other users to join or participate in various activities on ShowbizPlus. It enables users to send and receive invitations, view the details and status of the invitations, accept or decline the invitations. The Invitation feature enhances user participation and interaction on ShowbizPlus. 


Comments & Reactions

Leverage the robust comments and reactions features to enhance engagement on ShowbizPlus. Enable seamless conversations with interactive comments, allowing users to express their thoughts and ideas. Foster deeper connections by offering a variety of reaction options, empowering users to convey their emotions instantly. With comments and reactions features, you can create a vibrant and interactive user experience on ShowbizPlus. 


Like, Share, Comment, React

Elevate user engagement in ShowbizPlus with the Like, Share, Comment, and Reaction features. These tools empower members to easily express their thoughts, share valuable content, and connect with others. Spark lively discussions, forge meaningful connections, and enrich the overall platform experience. Drive participation and foster a thriving social hub where every interaction adds value.


Chat - Instant Messages

Experience a communication revolution with the ShowbizPlus Chat app. Seamlessly connect and engage with connects, acquaintances, and community members in real-time. This feature transforms the ShowbizPlus into a dynamic platform for instant interaction, facilitating vibrant discussions and meaningful connections.



Photos App allow users to upload or view photos on various topics or occasions on ShowbizPlus. They include features such as albums, comments, likes, shares, filters, and more. They enable users to upload or view photos, comment on or like them, and share them with other users or platforms. The Photos features enhance user visual and social experience on ShowbizPlus. 



Music App helps you not only make new connections, but also stay in touch with your friends. Music is a way that bonds people more than words can. Musicians can upload and share their songs, organize them into albums, and specify their genres. Members can listen to these songs/albums, create playlist and add them to their profiles.



Video App allow users to share or watch videos on various topics or occasions on ShowbizPlus. Video is one of the critical factors to enhance user engagement and retention in your community. ShowbizPlus allows you to share videos from various sources, such as Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Facebook, or upload videos directly from your devices. 



Blog App allow users to create or read articles on various topics or interests on ShowbizPlus. They include features such as posts, comments, likes, shares, categories, and more. They enable users to write or read articles, comment on or like the articles, share the articles to other users or platforms, and organize the articles by topics or categories. The Blog app enrich user content and engagement on ShowbizPlus. 



Contest Management App provides everything to create, set-up and manage Photos, Music, Videos and Writing/Blogs competeitions, awards and audition processes. 
Create Contest, (Contest Type, Contest Details, Prizes/Awards, Contest Rules, Entry Limit & Fees, Votes Limit & Fees, Number of Winner) Manage Contest, Submit Entries, Vote for Entries, Unveil Winner(s). Get users andparticipants to promote Contst and their Entries, using the Contest/Entry Promote code on other sites and social media platforms. 
its user-friendly interface and wide range of features. You can create different types of contests, like photo contests, giveaways, or even quizzes, and customize them with your branding. Easypromos also offers data capture tools, fraud prevention, and winner selection options
social media integration, voting system

Forum App allow users to create or join discussions on various topics or issues, ask or answer questions, express and share their ideas and opinions or experiences, contribute to discussions by sharing comments on topics. The Forum app enhance user knowledge and interaction on ShowbizPlus. In addition, users can vote or rate the quality of content, follow interesting topics using subscription feature or quickly find a certain topic using helpful filters, trending keywords or recent/featured topic blocks. 

  • March 16, 2024
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