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"Be Inspired To Innovate, Create, Connect, Explore and Profit"


ShowbizPlus is a solution for Creators, to enable the development, deployment and management of creative/innovative content and facilitate exchanges between interdependent groups of talents, content creators, innovatorsproducersconsumers and patrons

It is designed with social features to socialize, engageconnect,  discovercreatecollaborateshare and create large scalable network of users and resources that can be accessed. 

ShowbizPlus will consistently encourage and inspire creative thinking to enhance and expand the creative and innovative solutions and collaborations advancement for  marketing/monetization possibilities in the creative industry, “showbiz-plus” businesses. 

You can share Texts, PhotosMusicVideos, create Music/Video PlaylistBlogsForum, organize Contest, Biznes-Funds, share and read latest News from news providers. Use Private MessageChat, Reactions, Tag, Like, Comment, Share, Reply. Supports Hashtag.

ShowbizPlus is for talented, artistic, innovative and creative minds to collaborate, harness and expose their talent for profit in the creative space not limited to the following industries:

  • Music,
  • Film/Movie,
  • Fashion,
  • Comedy,
  • Modeling,
  • Arts,
  • Sports, 
  • Media, 
  • Broadcasting 
  • Publishing 
  • ICT 
  • Advertising/Marketing/PR and more. 

Primary target is not limited to the under listed creators;  

  • Musicians,
  • Actors,
  • Comedian,
  • Artists,
  • Fashion Designers,
  • Models,
  • Music DJs/VJs/Presenters,
  • Dancers,
  • Broadcasters,
  • Entertainment Journalists,
  • Photographers,
  • Sports Personalities,
  • Associated Practitioners and more. 

Be it a large enterprise, a small business or individual, ShowbizPlus will aid you to build connection with your network of Fans, establish relationship, activate and convert your Audience/Fan to customers.



Our Vision is to create economic opportunity by solving problems and actualizing dreams. 

Our Mission is to empower discovered latent and potential talents, seasoned innovators and creators, with our tools to maximize their talent and creativity. 



Our team is composed of creative minds working consistently to upgrade and enhance the creative tools, for the creative industry and it's related businesses to implement their creative activities.

We are committed to talent development, exposure and advancement through our system's many tools to bring ideas to life, for positive social and economic impact. Which will ultimately create jobs and economic prosperity for the creative industry plus businesses.

  • February 22, 2024
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